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    Relazione al Congresso europeo del EBCA.

    Pubblico qui la relazione presentata a Bruxell il 28 Novembre
    My name is Tommaso Acchiardi, President of OCTOPUS, ” The National Associations Confederation of burn patients” , but I’ m also, unfortunately a major burn case. I’m sorry for my English, but I don’t speak English from one thousand nein hundred eighteen ( 1980 ).
    The incident happened in my house, during the evening of the four of April two thousand tree ( 2003 ), because my shirt of acrylic fabric, which I had not in the trousers, touched for a second the fire of a candle which acts as an air purifier, which was placed on the border of the table. Immediately the shirt bursted into flames with very high and hot flames: immediately ( in two seconds ) I took off my shirt, but my back and the left armpit were burned.
    In the Hospital diagnosed a deep third degree burn. I remained in the hospital for two months; during this period I had a surgical operation with autograft of skin with removal of skin from my left leg.
    After seven years, I ‘m still in pain because of the scars, above all on the left armpit, where every movements cause to me a important pain. Always.
    I hope to have a new operation in January two thousand eleven, to reduce the scar extension with a new autograft in the left armpit , to be able in the future to move my arm without difficulty but above all without pain.

    On 11-13 of November during the SIUST ( SIUST is the Italian Society of burns, which assembles the best plastic surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses, specialized on the burn patient care, adult and children ), I informed that the OCTOPUS has requested to the President of the Italian Republic, to the mayor of Turin ( my dear friend ) and to the Italian Ministry of Health to present a law to oblige the marketing of denatured alcohol in gel.
    In this way it will be impossible to spray directly the alchol on the barbecue, coals and fireplace, with the result to avoid hundreds of burn patients every years, avoiding atrocious pains and thousands of Euro for the medical treatments.
    To realize this project a European directive will be essential so I need to have your data about burn patients by denatured alchohol: the number of patients, the stay in the hospital and a valuation of the total costs of the hospitalization in a Burn Center for major Burns.
    Looking forwards to receive your data I attach my telefon number and my email account.
    I want to thank you in European burn patients name and in them who will avoid a burn thank to gel alchohol.
    For ethyl alcohol, that i hope find available for sale only in the gel,
    Help you too, Princess Astrid, proposing a law to your community. This will prevent hundreds of serious burns and millions of euros saved in hospital costs.


    I am President of Octopus, National association in Italy and also GAU, other association in Turin..
    OCTOPUS is the acronym of ” The National Associations Confederation of Burned Patients “. It has been founded on 08th July 2009 with the aim to join the energies of different associations of burned patients already active in Italy, to try to reach common and very important objectives.
    The Associations of Octopus are active in five Regions of Italy, and they are:
    – GAU in Turin (zone Nord Ovest of Italy), where I am also the President.
    – FENICE in Cesena (zone Nord Est of Italy)
    – ACTRUP in Florence (I think that you know…)
    – ASSOBUS in Rome (in center of Italy)
    – ACTRUP in Naples (in South of Italy)
    In statute of Octopus have been planned important instruments for promoting the organizations in a ” tentacular ” way, of burned patients’s groups also in the other Italian regions, to enhance the actions towards the solutions of the problems of these patients.
    The objective to obtain from the regional administrations the ” free ” treatments for the burn outcomes is the first, urgent and immediate aim. At the moment only in Piemonte and in some regions with a special statute ( Sicilia and Sardegna ) is guaranteed a fund for these treatments. In the other regions the families must burden with expensive costs, only because a ” careless ” legislator has not included in the listing of charges, the essential health services for these patients, impeding also the intervention of collaborating officers.
    Another important objective is the prevention, above all from denatured alchool, which, for an inappropriate legislation , every year continues to cause an high number of victims. But the problems of burned patients are not limited in Italy. Also in the other European countries, burned patients have felt the need to assemble in associations to claim their rights and to stimulate the investiments for the prevention.
    In this way the EBCA is born, to which OCTOPUS has decided to join with great pleasure, sharing the projects and aim.
    I will speak for ethyl alcohol, that i hope find available for sale only in the gel, because i can no longer be sprayed on the flames. Help you too, Princess Astrid, proposing a law to your community. This will prevent hundreds of serious burns and millions of euros saved in hospital costs.

    Tommaso Acchiardi
    Bruxelles 2010, 26 November

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